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Jello Shots

1 pkg. Jell-O of choice
1 cup boiling water
1 cup cold vodka
Medicine cups / lids (shot size)
Use your own school color (if possible) of Jello. Dissolve Jello in one cup of boiling water, stirring for several minutes. Stir-in one cup of cold vodka. Pour mixture into medicine cups, cover each cup with its lid and then chill.
Serve - On game day these are consumed by removing the shot glass lid, running a toothpick around the cup to loosen the Jell-O. Now replace the lid and shake down the Jell-O until it is completely free from the cup. Tilt your head back and slide the Jell-O shot down. They are great for those cold weather games, but these cold shot are just fine in September too.



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