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Tailgate Shrimp Cocktail

2 dozen extra-large shrimp
1 package of salad mix
1 lemon
Chili Sauce
Favorite upscale crackers
Sauce - Mix the chili sauce with the horseradish to your taste preference. Chill overnight in your fridge.
Shrimp -Rinse frozen shrimp, peel off any shells and tails. Seal peelings in a plastic bag, before disposal, because you won’t want their odor to linger in your kitchen.  Chill shrimp overnight in your fridge in a sealable container.

At the tailgate - Arrange bowls with salad and position shrimp in a pile on top center. Add a lemon wedge (or even avocado slices) next to the shrimp.  Put a tablespoon of sauce on top and then serve the remaining cocktail sauce in a separate cup. Also add some nice crackers to your offering.


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