Chesterton High School Class Reunion Blogs Photo Contest

Posted 7-14-17

Name the people on this photo and tell what the trophies are for.

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Posted 6-30-17 Name these people and tell us what they were famous for from 1956 through 1960. There are four photos and five years, so one photo counts twice. Won by Fran Howes Hancock '61. Her answer was that each artist had the top record on the Billboard Magazine chart for a year. Elvis for '56 and '57, Domenico Modugno '58, Johnny Horton '59 and Percy Faith '60.

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Posted 6-23-17 Name these well known people to 1960 link below for hints....

Won by George Hass '61with Harold Handley, Roger Maris, Simone Signoret, Charlton Heston, and John F, Kennedy.

Posted 6-15 -17 Match the letter with the number. Of the teams we played in the 50s and 60s in our sectional. Match the letter of the mascot with the number of the color for that team. Won by Frances Howes Hancock: 1=B Morgan Cherokees, 2=A Liberty Lions, 3=D Washington Senators 4=E Boone Grove Wolves, 5=C Kouts Mustangs.

There were 11 schools that had basketball teams in the Porter County (Valparaiso) IHSASA Boy's Sectional Basketball Tournement back in the 50 and 60s. These eleven had fun and colorful ubiforms. Name the six schools whose team colors are represented in the four flaqgs shown below. The person with the most correct answers will win. Renee Nallenweg Winther '61 was the winner. Her answer was Jackson (maroon and white) Wheeler and Valpo (green and white), Portage and Hebron (red and white) and Chesterton with maroon and gold.

Posted 6-2-17 Each photo is of a landmark in a small community in Porter County that was close to Chesterton. Name the communities. Click the photos to make them larger. This contest was won by Fran Howes Hancock '61. Her answers were Dune Acres (Police Station/Gate), Beverly Shores (Hotel), Tremont (South Shore Station), and Burdick (NYC tracks).

One classmate who is an accomplished artist painted this elephant oil on canvas which is available for just over $6000. This artist has many works, of which some sell for more than $20,000 in local galleries in the artist's Atlantic Coast home area. Name the people pictured below and name the one who is this artist. This contest was won by Renee Nallenweg Winther '61 with the answer Andy Valpatic, Jackie Virden David Wahl, and Ken Wallin. Artist = mKen Wallin.

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Posted 5-20-17 name these famous CHS actors. Won by Fran Hancock Howes '61 with Tom Youngblood, Judy Weidman, Eric Peterson, Tom Smith ans Judy Woodruff performing "Happy Journey."


Posted 5-13-17 Name the five sax players in the photo and also name the venue in which they are performing. Won by Renee Nallenweg Winther '61 with Bill Witte, Mark Popovich, Phil Brockington, Bob Betts, and Denny Dille in the okd CHS gym. The stairs lead to the balcony used by scoreboard operators and scorers. The girls locker room is left of the bass player.

Posted 5-6-17 There are two buildings pictured. Please tell us what we called each room found behind each of the numbers superimposed on the building photos. Won by Johnny Dresh '60 with the answers of 1= Scoop room, 2=study hall, 3= library, and 4 = the auditorium.

Posted 4-29-17 Name the people in this photo. Won by Renee Nallenweg Winther '61 with the answer of Paulette Nagroski, Betty Summers, Judith Bielawski, John Kremke, Petra Manning, Mr. Kriviskey.

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Posted 4-22-17 ... Name these two classmates. Won by Jim Hall '62 with Jim Eagen and Sherley Cone.

Posted 4-15-17..Name these three classmates. Won by Fran Howes Hancock '61 with Susan reiter, Tom Furst and Linda Witte.

Posted 4-10-17 Name these four people and tell why they are crowned. The Prom court pictured are Denny Dille, Sue Jones, Al Gaston and Phyllis Hyde. Answered correctly by Bill Davis '60.


Posted 4-1-17 Name these CHS students. Nobody even guessed on these gals.


Posted 3-25-17 Name each of these four gentlemen. Tell the one CHS, art thing they all had in common. Won by Frances Howes Hancock '61. Her answer Nick Paolisso, Michael Scheiber, Roger Kelly and Loren Betz. Each was band director of the CHS band at one time during his teaching career.

Posted 3-18-17 For what occasion is this band playing. Name the band, and all the musicians therein. Jim Nelson '61 got the answer correct. He responded with, "L to R: Jim Nelson, Terry Oness, Weldon Slater, Dennis Martinson, Ted Ahrendt, and Jim Ton. I knew all 8 members of the band. The only 2 not in the photo were John Mullin, on alto sax, and Brian Wallin on trombone (Weldon Slater's cousin from East Chicago) The event was Opportunity Night."

Posted 3-11-17 .. Name as many of these classmates as you can and name the organization for which this photo was taken. No one is expected to get these all correct so we'll award the prize based on the most correct by 3-17-17. Won by Marcia Hyde Gaston '57. Her answer is that this is a Job's Daughters banquet and in the 1st Row are Kay Erickson, ? and Bev Witte. 2nd row are Gwen Holmgren, Judy Brooks, Nancy Christopherson, ?, Phyllis Brooks, Judy Haas, and Phyllis Whiteside. In the back are Pat Burnside, Priscilla Bagby, Meredith Stavropoulis, Kay cramptom, Donna Perez, Marles Sievert, Linn hokanson, Marcia Oddi, Cynthia Cheesboro, and Keren Kieldsen.

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