Florida Students

The new Kappa Sigma House is three stories of brick with white pillars a huge gathering of fraternity alums ready for the game decked out in school colors UF students party at the lake, here are guys and girls on the shore with a docked cruiser in the background, all enjoying conversations and food and drink a female army ROTC person is counting pushups done by a male ROTC cadet pictured is a one story fraternity house of Kappa Alpha with a cannon mounted as a statue out front on the leftHere a group of Phi Mu gals pose after rush with sun dresses on and pink baloons in the air 28 student leaders pose in rows in the empty stadium each is wearing a different color shirt representing their fraternity 60 to 70 Betas pose in casual wear while enjoying their spring fling, some of the brothers are actually sitting on the roof of the house with their legs dangeling


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