The Tailgater's Handbook visits Illinois


The stadium seems full, and you are looking from the pressbox toward the block I section where the students are forming a picture of the chief with cards. This is a wide angle shot of the stadium from the endzone.  On the left is the huge pressbox and luxury box building above the upper deck.  On the right is an upper deck.  All the fans seem to be dressed in orange.  The sky is blue with puffy white clouds. The orange and Blue Illini are on the defense as the opposing QB takes the snap. This is a view of the grave of the late great coach Zuppke which is on a line even with the 50 yard line of the stadium in the background. The Chief is high in the air doing ther fancy dance of the Indiana. The Chief used to sneak out from the ranks of the band and appear .  The liberals felt this solemn ceremony was offensive to native Americans so they banned it.

Memorial Stadium has a column for each Illinoi student/grad killed in WWI.


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