Indiana University's Memorial Stadium

IU beats Penn State Spanking Penn State

2012 Team Entry .......... 2011 Team Entry

old stadium on 10th st. Stadium on 17th st..

10th St. before 1960 . 17th St. after 1960

Today the 17th street stadium has the endzone on the north filled in with seats making the stadium a horseshoe. old quary

After 2008. It's now referred to as the Quary for the native limestone industry here.

the Rock is a limestone rock said to have been found while excavating for the stadium in 1959.

Hep's Rock found at the site of the stadium.

Watch this video of the scoreboard as the team enters.

cheerleaders are celebrating a touchdown as they stand in front of the student section. game action as IU holds Iowa on 4th down deep in the red zone

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Game Day