James Madison Students

This is a colorful picture of the two story Sigma Chi house with a peaked roof and a beautiful blue sky with puffy clouds in the backgraoun. A group of 60 cute coeds pose in white t shirts displaying a banner that reads, "Welcome Home Alpha Sigma Tau". This homecoming dinner shows scores of Phi Gamma Delta freternity undergrads and alumni at a dinner all in blazers and ties. Pictured are two girls in ROTC about to make a helacopter jump with a parachute.  How they can smile, like they are, is beyond me. JMU students are fixing gift boxes for underpriveleged kids. The College Republicans are huge at JMU and here are some holding a CR banner. The rec center has a climbing wall that students practice their mountain climbing techniques on.  Here are scores of guys and gals with ropes. This is a photo of jmu students on a heart walk.  They are bundeled against the cold. Involvement by JMU students is everywhere.  Here JMU kids are sponsoring a Diaper Drive for the needy. A converted large two story brick home now hosts Sigma Nu.


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