Louisville Students


Pictured are 12 coeds in two rows with those high black boots, tan pants and black coats, topped by those black caps.  This is the equestrian team for U of L. 40 S A Es in tg shirts pose in front of the Red Barn Tavern with a huge American flag. A bunch of students pose with Rand Paul, the new Republican senator from Kentucky. Big Brothers and Big Sisters is supported by these 3 dozen students and their little brothers and sisters posing here with smiles and a banner. The Pi Phi house has a banner saying, peace and love and welcome home. Here are the Sigma Chi brothers posing with their sweetheart who is a strikingly beautiful blond coed. 30 lovely sorority gals pose in dresses as if they are attending a cocktail party. The three story brick Sig Ep house shows thae traditional Red Door of all Sigma Phi Epsilon houses. 3 cute coeds pose smiling wearing We Love Sig Ep T shirts. 5 members of the College Republicans pose with Ronald Reagan's statue.

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